Hello, World!

Welcome to Grateful Moms of Many!  We are so excited to be finally launching our blog!  We thought we’d begin by sharing a little bit about how this blog was born . . .

During the early months of 2010, something rare and wonderful happened in an online Due Date Club. Several women managed to make a real, tangible connection that would come to last. I think if you had asked any of us before that we would have been skeptical of the idea that any real friendships could be formed from a group of women that had never even met before. But there it was, and there was no denying it. We encouraged each other, laughed together, cried together, and formed a lasting bond that did not go away after the birth of our babies.

~ Sasha ~
Connor Ambrose & Seamus Antioch
October 13th, 2010 (35 weeks)
5 lbs 5 oz & 3 lbs 9 oz

~ Michelle ~
Brigit Annabelle
November 10th, 2010 (39 weeks)
7 lbs 8 oz

~ Nic ~
Marah Jade
November 14th, 2010 (41 weeks)
9 lbs 5 oz

We have spoken almost daily with each other over the last couple of years through Facebook and phone, realizing that we had an element to our story that made us particularly sympathetic to each other. We are M.O.M.s, moms of many, that practice attachment parenting with a realistic acceptance that none of us are perfect and that no parenting “technique” should ever be followed as a religion. Common sense mixed with compassion was, and is, our friend when making parenting decisions. From that bond we started a small invitation-by-word-of-mouth group of AP MoMs on a forum with an accompanying Facebook group. Then one day we decided that the support we could give each other really needed to be shared. How long had we looked and then had to turn away disappointed when we tried to find other moms like us? That was when the idea for GMoMs was born. We would form a blog together that highlighted all of the best things we loved and knew about parenting but not be afraid to go to those dark places, those troubled times, the parenting decisions and struggles that we all face but never want to talk about. We could also communicate with a larger group our love of cooking and crafting, our passion for sewing and homeschool. We thought of our 19+ combined years of breastfeeding experience, our 17 children ranging from infants to teens, multiples, and even little ones with special needs; our unity in the face of some pretty major differences in our personal faiths and beliefs, and we could not help but have a belief that we could reach out and help others. As the idea blossomed, we realized how much the blog and the community it would build would help us as well — real moms all coming together to lend that extra support and encouragement that we all need.

So, here we are now. GMoMs up and running and being read by you, our truly valued reader. We are so grateful that, out of all the wonderful and interesting things on the internet, you have decided to take time out of your busy day and spend some time with us. Keep an eye out for future posts and see what speaks to you; what encourages you. We may end up posting on a topic you were wanting to know more about. Take your time, and please leave a comment or drop us a line at gratefulmomsofmany@gmail.com. After all, a community is only as strong as its people, and without all of you, GMoMs simply would not exist. You see, the GMoMs are not just the three of us that manage this blog, it is every last one of you that wake up each morning and strive to bring to the world complete human beings raised by your faithful hands and loving hearts. Some days we may fail, some days we may triumph, but in the end it is the trying that brings us all together.


So, now that you know how we got here, in honor of today being April Fools Day, we wanted to share with you all a few pranks we have done in the past, and some we have heard of that we think are clever…or stupid.  😉

~ Michelle~

When I was a little girl, I thought it would be funny to try and convince my mom that the dog had peed and pooped on the Persian rug in the foyer.  I cut a puddle shape out of yellow construction paper for the pee, and crumpled up some strips of brown construction paper for the poop (or “mookie sticks” if you’re a South Park fan :D).  Now, if you can imagine for a minute what that would look like, you will realize that this in no way looked like real pee and poo.  But for some reason, I thought it would work, so I put on my best horrified face and reported to my mother that the dog had peed and pooped on the Persian rug.  Mom said “WHAT?!”, ran to look, and then laughed.  Of course.  *sigh*  Looking back, I am embarrassed that I thought it would look real, but now, as a mother, I think that would have been absolutely delightful to see!  Creative imagination for the win!

Two years ago on April Fools Day, I posted a generic picture of a positive digital pregnancy test on my Facebook wall, with a caption that read “April Fools?”  It was fun to see the responses of curiosity, which I fielded with vague, enigmatic responses.  The next day, my status read “Well, you can just call me Fertile Myrtle,” which, of course, confirmed it for everyone!  I thought that was a clever, somewhat passive way to announce a pregnancy, using April Fools Day as a tool, considering how nervous I was about making known the impending arrival of YET ANOTHER baby (it was baby #5, and we had already taken a lot of flack for baby #4!  Of course, that was before we reevaluated who we associate with to include ONLY those who will a) be respectful of whatever choices WE make about OUR family, or b) at least keep their mouths shut if they are not supportive (see: “respectful” above), because [c)?] it’s really not their damn business!  Can I get a “Hell yeah!”???).  Whew.  Anyway.  (Tell us how you REALLY feel, Michelle!)  I will address toxic relationships some other time . . .

~ Sasha ~

The first year my husband I were dating was also the year the original Tony Hawk game for PlayStation came out.  Yes, I am comfortable with admitting how old that makes me… ahem…  I had a subscription to PlayStation Magazine, and back in the day, the magazine came with a disc each month that contained all the new demos and trailers.  My husband played the demo for Tony Hawk over and over.  We would have friends over and we would sit around and compete against each other on the one level for hours.  Needless to say, his Christmas present for that year was easy to pick out.  I bought it, wrapped it up and put it under my tree looking forward to Christmas, when I could give him something I knew he would love.  One day, just a few days before Christmas, I walk into the living room and what do I see?  My future husband sitting with a half-opened present and the guiltiest look I have ever seen.  He had been peeking!  I took it from him and told him that all the fun had been ruined and so I was going to return it and get him something else instead.  When I returned, I had never seen such a pouty face in all my life.  Christmas day arrived and when it was time for our present exchange, I handed him a large package with a giant ribbon it.  You can imagine his surprise when inside was the very same Tony Hawk game he had been peeking at several days ago.  Instead of going to the store, I had instead spent that time at a diner with my friend re-wrapping his present into a larger box filled with packing peanuts.  The look of surprise on his face Christmas morning was worth all the sneaking around and is still one of our favorite Christmas memories.


In next week’s follow-up post, Nic will describe her most memorable April Fools Day, when Mother Nature decided to play a prank of her own!  Stay tuned…

And now, to commemorate our April Fool’s Day launch, we are giving away a “Mom of Many Survival Kit.”  To enter to win, we invite you to share your favorite prank in the comments section below.  A winner will be randomly selected, and announced next Sunday (4/8).  We will also be sharing our favorite reader-submitted pranks, so be sure to check back!  Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us, The GMoMs, as we begin to make our blog dreams come true!

May peace find you in your homes today,

Sasha, Nic, & Michelle

18 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. I absolutely love the construction paper pee & poop! I’d have been so very proud of you and feigned anger at the poor dog for as long as I possibly could!

    I recently got my 14 year old son pretty good. He knows I’m a “hippie-mom” and usually goes along with my weirdo ideas. Well, a few months ago, we were reading a lot about how many countries lack good drinking water. We also learned of the severity of pollution in our own area, namely Lake Erie. One morning, I announced that we’d be taking family showers to conserve water. He didn’t know if he should laugh at my “joke” or run screaming from the house! I let him go to school that day, still wondering. By the time he got home, he had his spr3ach all ready: “Mom, I know how you feel about this kind of stuff, but I just don’t want to take a shower with you. It could ruin my development. I have a better idea – you guys [my husband, myself, and our 3 y.o.] do the family shower thing and I’ll wash with the water from the rain barrel.” He even had a energy-conserving way to heat the water using tin foil! He was NOT going to get into a shower naked with the family! By the time he had finished his little speech, I was rolling on the floor – I nearly peed my pants!

  2. I am not a great prankster so I don’t have any super great stories to share. Sorry! One thing I recently did though was to my 10 year old daughter. When she was out of her bedroom, I tied fishing line to her little doll’s skateboard so I could pull it. Her favorite doll, Sarah, was sitting on it. She went back into her room to read a book. I was in the hallway and slowly started to pull the line to make the skateboard slowly roll out of her room. Within a few seconds, it caught her attention and she started yelling (in a serious voice), “Sarah is moving! She is really moving! MOM…MOM…MOM…come quick and see this!!! She is moving all on her own!” I quit pulling the string and quickly got into my bed and started reading. Ashlee ran to find me and sat down and excitedly told me the story of how Sarah moved all on her own. I acted surprised and said I would go check it out. Well, of course when I went in there, it wasn’t moving. Poor Ashlee was so disappointed that I didn’t see the doll move. For days, she truly believed it moved on its own and that everyone in the house missed seeing it. Finally I told her and even showed her the fishing line still tied to the skateboard. She was a bit disappointed but thought it was funny.

  3. Congradulations Ladies..this is very neat…..and new… and different..wishing you great success with the blog 🙂

  4. Looks great, ladies!
    I have (mostly) sworn off my pranking, but the height of it was April fool’s day in my 4th grade year. My best friend and I waited until everyone was asleep at her house and proceeded to rig falling cups of confetti, butter doorknobs, tape down the kitchen sprayer and aim it at the front of the sink, and (cringe) cellophane the toilet bowls. SUUUUPER funny…. until we had to clean it all up.

    a) It was totally worth it 😀
    b) I am still waiting for karma to smite me.
    c) I’m not a mom of many, but still felt like sharing 😉

    • That’s great! I remember a friend of mine rigged the sink sprayer once. I did it too, after she did, but my mom got mad! I also almost got kicked out of summer camp one year because two friends and I kept short-sheeting peoples’ beds and rearranging their stuff. :/
      ~ Michelle

    • Welcome Dana and no worries I would like to think most of what we write will be useful to anyone that cares for children. ❤
      Sounds like you had the best April fools ever that year too! You're right though, the cleaning part would be no fun. ; ) ~Sasha

  5. Oh, this is always my favorite prank memory. Back in the day when I worked, we had two sides to our office. The boss on the left side hated the boss on the right side, & the feeling was mutual. The boss on the right was really uptight & always making everybody miserable. One long Friday, she called every woman in the office in the conference room to lecture us on bathroom cleanliness. The manager on the other side got wind of it & was angry that she had taken employees out of his dept. to lecture on something ridiculous. At around 5 pm, he calls me back into his office and hands me a tissue. In the tissue, he had melted chunks of a Baby Ruth bar. He told me to go crumble it up and put it on the ground next to the toilet in the ladies’ room. I begged him not to make me do it (the other boss would ruin your life if you crossed her), but he made it clear if I did not he was going to make things difficult for me aorund the office. I snuck in the ladies’ room & threw it down & went back to my desk. A few minutes later, he had one of the other ladies run into her office & scream about poop on the ground by the toilet. Right side boss was practically salivating at the chance to ruin somebody’s weekend (I imagine she would be taking her time on the weekend dropping off the evidence at LabCorp for a fecal analysis) & hauling her butt as fast as she could to the bathroom. When she got there and came out with the “evidence”, she was getting ready to blow & left side boss came out of his office, plucked the TP from her shaking hands & LICKED IT right in her face. We were all stifling snickers (I mean..Baby Ruths, lol). Needless to say, she was not one for a joke, she stormed out early & we all paid dearly for the next month….but, oh how we laughed 🙂

  6. I love the new blog! Hi, Michelle 🙂

    My favorite prank was one I pulled on my younger brother. He’s only 3 years younger than me, but his head was faaaar, far away from babies when I had my first 3.5 years ago. I think it really took him by surprise, and all the things that went with having a many just never occurred to him- like breastfeeding. He isn’t against it or anti nursing in public, but it did definitely weird him out that his sister was nursing! We joked about the milk in the fridge being special, and he laughed with us… but wouldn’t eat anything resembling a milk product while he was staying with is in August. Fast forward to Christmas … I found some great goat cheese with nice small chinks of lemon curd in it at the farmers market … took it out pf it’s packaging and out it in plastic wrap. I labeled it ‘homemade’and stuck it in his stocking…. Hilarity ensued. The look on his face was amazing, and I honestly don’t think he believed me when I told him what it really was! He sure never ate it (and he loves cheese!)I 😀

  7. About the only time I really get to play a prank is when I find out we’re expecting another baby. LOL So I’ll share the three things I’ve done to surprise my husband (#1 was a shock to us both so there were no pranks involved – just a very dark line on a test on our 2nd anniversary!).

    With baby number 2, I took a test at 9dpo and got a faint positive. DH’s dad and his dad’s wife were in town, which made things tricky. It was just after Christmas and just before my birthday. I took several more tests (of course!) to confirm, and then took advantage of the IL’s decision to go out one evening. I made a card on the computer that said, on the outside, “Happy birthday to me!” On the inside it said, “You’re a daddy-to-be!” I took him aside and gave that to him. He was shocked and asked if I was sure, at which point I handed him 6 positive tests and assured him I was. 😉

    With the third, I had the internet cheapie tests. I was also in business selling card-making supplies, and ran classes where I taught people how to make various designs. So I made a new design, including stamped images with the months of the year (I circled October) and days of the month (I circled 3). The card said, “Congratulations!” on the outside, as well. I adhered the tiny strip test inside, with an arrow to the second line, and signed the card. When the kids were finally settled in for a nap (at the same time!!), I told DH I wanted him to look at my new card (which I often did). He looked at it, said it was nice, and was done. I told him he should actually OPEN it – it was a new fold with a special closure that I was trying. He unwound the closure, opened the card, and after a moment said, “Is that yours?” LOL “No, dear, I taped someone *else’s* pee strip in there!” 😉

    For number four, I was entirely shocked to find a test I’d taken two days earlier was pretty clearly positive when I came home from the hospital with my middle son (he had appendicitis and an appendectomy). I took another test that confirmed that “evap line” I’d seen wasn’t an evap line, at all. Even an expired digital test confirmed it! So within an hour of my husband coming home from a business trip and the family being reunited after a week at the hospital, I had this huge news and no creativity or patience. We needed to get pain meds for our son and I wasn’t sure who was going to go. I also knew DH had taken off his shorts, leaving his phone and keys and such in his pockets, and had been looking for his phone. He happened to have left them in the bathroom in which now sat several positive pregnancy tests. I decided to take the digital test (just the answer end) and put it in his pocket. “Oh, I found your shorts,” I told him as I dropped them next to him on the floor. He was equally exhausted and was lying on the floor. He reached into his pocket to find his phone, made a strange face as he came across something he didn’t recognize, and then kept looking until he found the phone. Almost worked, but not quite! So I told him I really needed for him to go get the prescription, after I called the pharmacy about compounding it. He begrudgingly agreed and got dressed. As he went digging in his pockets for his keys and such, that strange look crossed his face, again. This time, he pulled out the digital test, which read, “Pregnant,” and the look changed to shock. “What’s this?!” he asked. And I, as shocked as he, could only shrug and tell him, “I have no idea!” LOL For being the least planned, it still got a pretty great response. 😉

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