What Natural Parenting Looks Like With a Teen

This is my 15 year old daughter.

She no longer co-sleeps with us, but she will often lovingly let her younger siblings climb into bed with her for the night.

She no longer lets me carry her everywhere, and I am pretty sure we would both fall over in a heap of giggles if I tried.  But she does lay her head in my lap when she has had a bad day and let me stroke her hair while she tells me what has been bothering her.

She is no longer breastfed, and I no longer get to decide her meals for her.  She is, however, a wonderful cook and has a wealth of nutritional knowledge.  She makes the best veggie omelet you will ever eat.

She learned to read long ago, but some days she still likes to listen in while I read to the younger ones.  Often I will find her cuddled in a chair reading to her little brother or sister.

She doesn’t always decide to do what I would like for her to do, but she almost always asks for my opinion.

I no longer get to kiss her boo-boos better, but she knows how to administer first aid and has been a great help to her friends when others would have panicked.

I no longer can be the sole determining factor in how much television she watches or what shows she views, but she will tell you that she finds t.v. boring.

I don’t get to decide the clothes she wears, but I find I like most of her choices and she balks at the idea of buying something just because “everyone” is wearing it.

We still play, but the games have changed.  We traded Chutes & Ladders for Scattergories and Trivial Pursuit long ago.

We still sing together, but the songs are more complex, and sometimes we cry together over a song with sad lyrics, or laugh when something is silly.

We still don’t agree on everything, and we never will.  We are both very comfortable with that fact.

We fight, we cry, we dance, we bake, we laugh, we learn from each other.

This is my daughter, and her age will never change that.

~ Sasha

*Originally posted as a guest post at The Peaceful Housewife that was run by one of the nicest women you will ever meet, who now has a shop by the same name!  The Peaceful Housewife is also one of our sponsors for April 2012 check out her link over on the side bar to find some GREAT mama-made environmentally-friendly products for yourself and your home.

7 thoughts on “What Natural Parenting Looks Like With a Teen

  1. I can only hope that my kids turn out that special. Sounds like you guys did a great job growing her up! Thanks for the morning tears!

  2. Thanks for the morning read! It’s great to hear about the bond of a parent and child. Makes me look forward to the future with my boys, not that I wasn’t already buy some times we dread the unknown. The growing up part 🙂 I know it will happen.

    • Thank you for reading! : )
      The growing up part is so much more fun (and yes, challenging) than most people will ever say. I have loved raising my daughter and enjoy her company now that she is older. I honestly have not found the teen years nearly as scary as the pregnancy and parenting magazines tried to make it sound like it would be, different but not scary. ~ Sasha

  3. All teary-eyed now. My firstborn turned 12 in February and I’ve already realized that in less than 6 years (which goes oh so quickly in parenting years) she’ll officially be an adult (but not in my mind, of course.)

    I constantly think that I need to work on strengthening our mother-daughter bond, but in the back of my mind and in my heart, I know that it’s not something to “work on”, we just need to simplify. Oh the irony that we need to work on simplifying!

    Thanks for the reminders and wise words, Sasha.


    • Thank you Meta. ❤
      I can understand the irony in the work needed to simplify. Sometimes it is just so easy to get bogged down with everything you hear you need to be doing with your kids that it can be hard to remember the truly important things. I have to give myself frequent reminders. ~ Sasha

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