April Fools Day Followup and Giveaway Winner!

Welcome back!  If you missed last Sunday’s launch post, you can find it here (it explains how GMoMs© came to be :)).  Today we will start off with Nic sharing her most memorable April Fools Day, when Mother Nature decided to play a little prank of her own…


My family isn’t real big on playing pranks for April 1st at all… but 4 years ago we were totally punked by the Universe. About a week or two before the 1st of April, I noticed our furnace was out; it seemed we often had issues because of the location of our furnace in the crawlspace. Little did I know what a HUGE mess would be waiting for me down there… apparently our sump pump had died and as the Spring Thaw was happening, a pipe burst in our driveway (we were unaware of this at first).  This flooded out our crawlspace knocking out the furnace. I called my HVAC guy to come fix the problem before I discovered all of the water. I’ll spare everybody from my potty mouth when I discovered we had flooded and our insurance didn’t cover it. I really was at a loss as to what to do. My husband came home from work with a new sump pump and we pumped out all the water, replaced the pump, and fixed the furnace. We thought all was well…

March 31st we had a whopper of a storm in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. When we woke up in the morning, I realized it was rather chilly in the house and noticed that AGAIN our furnace was out.  Upon checking the crawlspace, I noted it was full of water AGAIN, so that was going to be another small fortune to repair the furnace. I got the sump pump going to clear out the water, and called my dad to come check out the furnace. I thought if he could fix the problem we would at the very least save a little money. That was also the day the city decided to inform us that we had 30 days to fix the pipe that had apparently burst in our driveway. It was on our side of the buffalo box, so our responsibility. I called around to numerous places to get estimates. The cheapest I was finding was around 5,000 dollars. I called my homeowner’s insurance and was told that the only thing they would help us repair was the shed that was crushed by a tree in the storm. The furnace was damaged by a malfunctioning sump pump and my insurance didn’t cover that… the pipe was OUTside the house so they didn’t cover that. I was definitely frustrated because you think when you have insurance it is going to cover those things.

Eventually it all worked out. I found a local plumbing company to repair the pipe and work out a payment arrangement with us. My dad came and fixed the furnace and cut down the tree that hit our shed. I essentially said screw the damage to the shed because it was the LEAST of my worries with everything else. As fun as April Fools can be, that sure was the worst in my memory! I got ‘pranked’ by the Universe…..

~ Nic


Thank you to all who entered for our giveaway!  We feel so blessed to already have such an enthusiastic group of fans!  Please be sure you share your favorite articles with your friends; we want to reach as many people as possible!

So, without further ado… congratulations to Heather B.!  You are the proud new owner of the Grateful Moms of Many© Mom of Many Survival Kit!  We would tell you what’s in it, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. *snickering*… (“Like” us on Facebook so you can see a picture of the Kit after our winner receives it.)

In honor of our winner, we are sharing her giveaway entry prank submission:

About the only time I really get to play a prank is when I find out we’re expecting another baby. LOL So I’ll share the three things I’ve done to surprise my husband (#1 was a shock to us both so there were no pranks involved – just a very dark line on a test on our 2nd anniversary!).

With baby number 2, I took a test at 9dpo and got a faint positive. DH’s dad and his dad’s wife were in town, which made things tricky. It was just after Christmas and just before my birthday. I took several more tests (of course!) to confirm, and then took advantage of the IL’s decision to go out one evening. I made a card on the computer that said, on the outside, “Happy birthday to me!” On the inside it said, “You’re a daddy-to-be!” I took him aside and gave that to him. He was shocked and asked if I was sure, at which point I handed him 6 positive tests and assured him I was. 😉

With the third, I had the internet cheapie tests. I was also in business selling card-making supplies, and ran classes where I taught people how to make various designs. So I made a new design, including stamped images with the months of the year (I circled October) and days of the month (I circled 3). The card said, “Congratulations!” on the outside, as well. I adhered the tiny strip test inside, with an arrow to the second line, and signed the card. When the kids were finally settled in for a nap (at the same time!!), I told DH I wanted him to look at my new card (which I often did). He looked at it, said it was nice, and was done. I told him he should actually OPEN it – it was a new fold with a special closure that I was trying. He unwound the closure, opened the card, and after a moment said, “Is that yours?” LOL “No, dear, I taped someone *else’s* pee strip in there!” 😉

For number four, I was entirely shocked to find a test I’d taken two days earlier was pretty clearly positive when I came home from the hospital with my middle son (he had appendicitis and an appendectomy). I took another test that confirmed that “evap line” I’d seen wasn’t an evap line, at all. Even an expired digital test confirmed it! So within an hour of my husband coming home from a business trip and the family being reunited after a week at the hospital, I had this huge news and no creativity or patience. We needed to get pain meds for our son and I wasn’t sure who was going to go. I also knew DH had taken off his shorts, leaving his phone and keys and such in his pockets, and had been looking for his phone. He happened to have left them in the bathroom in which now sat several positive pregnancy tests. I decided to take the digital test (just the answer end) and put it in his pocket. “Oh, I found your shorts,” I told him as I dropped them next to him on the floor. He was equally exhausted and was lying on the floor. He reached into his pocket to find his phone, made a strange face as he came across something he didn’t recognize, and then kept looking until he found the phone. Almost worked, but not quite! So I told him I really needed for him to go get the prescription, after I called the pharmacy about compounding it. He begrudgingly agreed and got dressed. As he went digging in his pockets for his keys and such, that strange look crossed his face, again. This time, he pulled out the digital test, which read, “Pregnant,” and the look changed to shock. “What’s this?!” he asked. And I, as shocked as he, could only shrug and tell him, “I have no idea!” LOL For being the least planned, it still got a pretty great response. 😉

Thanks to all who participated, and keep an eye out for future giveaways!

Happy Monday,

Sasha, Nic, & Michelle 🙂

To see all the prank submissions from our launch post, click here.

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