McCrenshaw’s Newest Knits Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all that participated. 

McCrenshaw’s Newest Knits is the creative outpouring of my friend Alicia.  Alicia and I “met” online a couple of years ago while I was still writing for my personal blog.  We instantly liked one another and quickly found we had similar opinions on… well just about everything!  As the months wore on we also became facebook friends and started talking through private message.  I enjoyed watching as she learned to knit and looked forward with anticipation as she began to talk about opening her own Etsy shop.  Alicia has a passion for the enviroment so for her it was second nature to incorporate that passion into the things she makes.

I create crocheted and knitted items that have purpose. Many of my items are made from repurposed materials: things destined for the landfill. I unravel sweater with holes, make yarn from t-shirts that have been stained, belts that have become broken or are no longer stylish, make strong yarn from plastic grocery bags with a drop spindle, and many more found items that no one else seems to care to keep.

I also use new materials to create items that can take the place of disposable products: thick towels that work better than paper towels, mesh produce bags so you can leave those plastic bags in the produce section, reusable totes, etc.

Who knew that yarn spun from what would have otherwise been discarded plastic shopping bags could look so pretty?

Alicia also has a wonderful policy for her shop that if you see any item that you would like in different colors she will not only make that for you but she will send you a picture before shipping it out or charging you to make sure it meets your aprovale.  What does that mean?

If you ask for a custom order and I make it, but you do not like the final product, please don’t be shy about saying something! Unless the item is personalized, I can always just list it in my shop. I never want anyone to spend money on something that they do not like. I will always make a listing for your custom item with a description and photos (just like all of my other listings) so you can see it before purchasing. Do not buy it if you don’t like it! Just convo me, telling me what’s wrong and I can make a new item or attempt to change the one I’ve already made. You will always have the option to just say “forget it”, too. Just, please, be honest and keep the lines of communication open!


Just one example of her wonderful custom creations.

I just love her dish towels.

Alicia has generously offered a medium size mesh produce bag  for our readers as well as the discount code GMOMs for 10% off anything in her shop for the next week!  To enter just leave a message below.  For extra entries you can like McCrenshaw’s Newest Knits on facebook, like this blog post or like Grateful Moms of Many on facebook.  For each extra entry be sure to leave a comment below ,for each one you do, letting us know you did.  Good luck to all and the winner will be announced next week on April 21st !

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to all that participated. 

40 thoughts on “McCrenshaw’s Newest Knits Giveaway

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  2. No more plastic bag rolls falling off the holder rolling around the floor of the supermarket with me trying to stop it & my Bf laughing so hard he can’t stand up.
    Not with a stylish bag like this.

  3. Oooh! I would love to take home fresh produce in one of these bags instead of plastic. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I liked Grateful Moms of Many on facebook
    Facebook Name: Sarah Louise

  5. I super love this giveaway because I love crocheted and knitted items! They are something very different 🙂
    Thank You So Much for the chance! “Fingers Crossed”

  6. Love these. My county recently mandated that grocery stores NOT give plastic bags out (YAY!) and I’ve got a few mesh bags, but not nearly enough.

  7. Really, really like this bag, and would love to see a giveaway for dishtowels sometime. 🙂

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