Five Times and Back Again: A Journal of a Sixth Pregnancy (Vol 3)

I was so excited when I signed on with the midwife that she was ordering an ultrasound for me. I came home and scheduled it right away, the soonest they could get me in was the following Friday. Fridays work for us as my hubby is off work that day so he could take me and enjoy it as well.

All week long I was so excited about having this ultrasound. Oh, I thought, I’ll get to see her wee little face again… and we’ll get to confirm/make sure it’s a girl. All trivial in the grand scheme of things but with the circumstances surrounding this pregnancy I just really have been relying on the little things like that to remain connected.

So I get to the ultrasound place and fill out all their paper work, all the while feeling like I needed to pee so badly because they make you drink a LITER of water before you go in. I’m experienced enough to know that the requirements are RIDICULOUS and some techs are not so kind and will make you sit with a practically BURSTING bladder so they can finish the scan up quickly and move on to the next person in line. I think I drank about a half liter throughout the morning and was definitely feeling my bladder.

I’m finally called in by the tech and feel my excitement swell and then fall… the room is TINY. The bed is flat. The machine and screen are right next to my head making it virutally impossible for me to see anything and with where the tech is sitting hubby and the girls can’t see a darn thing, either. Seriously?? I didn’t know what to say but was hoping that somewhere along the line things would magically change somehow, lol.

She squirts the jelly onto the wand and places it on my belly… immediately notices how fully my bladder is and clucks sympathetically while telling me she’ll let me go in just a minute. She checks my cervix for length and placental positioning and cleans me up. I’m practically crossing my legs at this point, grateful to be able to relieve myself before continuing I run to the bathroom.

I figure after I pee is when the fun part of the u/s will happen… you know where they find baby’s face, get a still and then move onto the gender all while taking care of the important stuff… nope. My tech was all business. She never once offered to move the screen so I could see, didn’t explain much of anything unless I first asked her questions about what little I could contort my body to see (Hey… this baby has a beautiful spine!) and recognize. Finally I asked her if it was really a girl and she replied that she saw nothing between the legs so she thought it was… but maybe I would be surprised when baby came. When I asked to please see her face she told me that baby was quite wiggly and shy. I was almost heartbroken.

I know it was anatomy scan and it’s not about the fun of it but having had so many babies I’ve never had an experience like this before. I was so sad and let down when I left… on the plus side, I know my cervix is the proper length (I had a few concerns after Marah’s delivery) and my placenta is posterior just like I felt it was, she has a 4 chamber heart, 3 vessel cord and all of her vital organs appear to be in the proper places. The midwife called me this afternoon to let me know that baby looks great and everything is measuring on target. I suppose in the grand scheme that’s all that really matters!

I do apologize this week as I have no belly pics to share… apparently I was sidetracked with life 🙂 But I did take this awesome picture of my sweet nursling and will end with it as a bit of a teaser for a future.  Nursing while pregnant.

Sweet Nursling Smiles

2 thoughts on “Five Times and Back Again: A Journal of a Sixth Pregnancy (Vol 3)

  1. That would be really frustrating! Even though it is an anatomy scan, it should also be fun as well and a bonding experience. I REALLY can’t wait to read what you write about nursing while pregnant. As someone who is currently nursing while pregnant, I feel alone in the journey. Beautiful pic, by the way!

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