Five Times and Back Again: A Journal of a Sixth Pregnancy (Vol. 5)

Names, names, names… That’s what has been on my mind lately. I’m having such a hard time connecting a name to this little bean. This happened with my other daughters as well. My sons were all named well before birth but the girls… oh no, they kept their names to themselves. My Marah was named when I gazed upon her sweet newborn face for the first time in the hospital, I’m not sure I had ever heard the name Marah before but when I saw her I declared, “Oh! She looks like a Marah!” and that’s what stuck. Nothing else seemed to fit.

Hubby doesn’t like to play the name game. In fact, I think he takes great delight in ‘ruining’ names for me, lol. I had been pondering the name Fae (he doesn’t care for the spelling, but likes the name), he declared that we should name her Fae Lynn. I looked at him incredulously and said, “Really? Fae Lynn… FaeLynn… FAILING!” Then we both giggled because he totally didn’t hear it that way when he said it at first.

I had a love for the name Halah with my daughter Sage. (I’ve got a wee bit of a celebrity crush on Hope Sandoval who is the lead singer of Mazzy Star who has a song titled Halah, beautiful song by the way) He must laugh at his ingenuity to totally disgrace names because he said, “Sure, let’s name her Halah and make her middle name Leughia.” Like Hallelujiah.

So on and on we go, on the search for the ‘perfect’ name for this little one. I feel so much pressure, too, because I generally despise my very plain and common name so I think that makes it that much harder to find something. Can’t be too common, can’t start with the same letter as her siblings, can’t be plain but shouldn’t be too out there, MUST fit with her siblings names. It’s near to impossible, I tell ya!!

I guess I still have time (typically procrastinator speaking here), I’m 25ish weeks… there’s plenty of time, right? I’ll laugh if this is the first of mine to arrive ‘early’.


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