Five Times and Back Again: A Journal of a Sixth Pregnancy (Vol. 6)

A 10 pound weight gain… in a month. Crazy, right? Actually.. no, totally normal for me. For some reason between the 5th and 6th month of pregnancy I pack on the pounds. I knew as soon as I stepped on the scale (and had actually been nervous about it all day, lol) at the midwife’s that the number wasn’t going to be pretty. I’m relatively petite and don’t put on a ton of weight early on but between that 5th and 6th month I sure make up for it. For me I average about 50 pounds each pregnancy, though I have gained as much as 60 (eep). I try not to obsess about the numbers though… because I think my body knows what it needs to sustain a healthy pregnancy and result in a healthy baby.

I had to giggle when I told my midwife the number on the scale, well first she asked me if I wanted to weigh myself (suggesting… but not really, lol) and I think I clucked that I didn’t really want to get on that scale!! Then she was calculating my weight gain for the entire pregnancy thus far (24 pounds, thankyouverymuch!) and made a mathematical error resulting in gasping that I was up by 44 pounds already. I set her straight. I explained that this was normal for me, not to mention that it was the hottest couple of April days we’ve had recently so I knew I had at least 3 pounds of extra water sloshing around on my body. I think that’s one thing I’m definitely NOT looking forward to having another August baby, I’m just hoping this one is more kind to me than her sister!!

Anyway, her reaction and my not really wanting to get on that scale made me really think about our society’s obsession with weight gain. How we place such emphasis on a number, when every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. What’s healthy for one woman might not be for another. Our doctors and care providers should not place a HUGE amount of emphasis on the number on the scale. I’m grateful that my midwife definitely is more ‘forgiving’ than most, lol, and realizes that each of us are different. She even has a wonderful little sheet that states as much.

Baby has definitely had a growth spurt this month, her movements are definitely more forceful and pronounced. Her big sister Sage is constantly asking me to show her where baby’s head is and we often play name that body part. I love that she has taken such an active interest in this pregnancy, it’s fun to share it with her. Marah, who is still very much the baby herself, has also taken to kissing my belly and pointing to my belly button when asked where the baby is. Big brothers think it’s kind of neat and a little weird when they place their hand on my tummy to feel a movement. I must say this is probably my favorite part of pregnancy. ♥

26 almost 27 weeks

Oh… and baby is thus far still nameless, hubby and I are at a total standstill. I keep suggesting and he keeps meh’ing, lol. I wonder if she’ll be like my Marah and name herself at birth. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Five Times and Back Again: A Journal of a Sixth Pregnancy (Vol. 6)

  1. One of my heroines, Ina May Gaskin, says in one of her midwifery books that she would always gain 60 pounds during her pregnancies. I love how midwives understand that every woman is different and that there’s a broad range for healthy weight gain in pregnancy. I also didn’t start gaining weight until I hit month 5/6 and just gained it all in the end.

    You look great by the way! And that’s so sweet about your kids.

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