Yummy Monday! Fajitas!

I love when I can make a meal that my whole family enjoys, you can imagine with so many different people that’s probably quite hard, lol. Fajitas, though, go over quite well. The only complicated part is I have to make two different kinds of fajitas, 1 mid and 1 spicy for all the taste buds in my family.

9 bell peppers

12 jalapenos

Onions… different varieties of onions, if you like. I used a half of a white onion and 3 red onions this time around.

1 habanero

a generous amount of meat (my hubby picks it out, lol, this time we used sirloin tip steak)

3 fajita seasoning packets (hi, my name is Nic and I’m lazy… you are welcome to create your own {read: healthier} seasoning blends)

flour tortillas

toppings, whatever floats your boat… my family loves sour cream and cheese. Some of them like hot sauce. ๐Ÿ™‚


It took me an hour and a half (a true labor of love!) to chop up all the veggies and meat nicely. In the red bowl is the ‘spicy’ peppers and in the green bowl is the mild peppers.


After I chopped up the peppers I added some chopped onions ๐Ÿ™‚ Does anybody else realize that red onions make your cry more than other onions?? I chopped up a half a white onion for the mild bowl and 3 red onions for the spicy bowl.


Here’s where I took a break to capture a moment of preciousness that was helping me… don’t you love her face?? Truly it’s a miracle there were any peppers or onions left with all the ‘help’ I was receiving…

Then came the meat! Everybody has their own way of cutting up the meat, I just try to stick to bite size pieces of steak… I placed it in our big frying pan and seared it with some olive oil and garlic! (Lots… and lots of garlic!)

Once the meat is fully browned and seared you put it aside and start sauteeing the veggies. My Sage really loved the vibrant colors in the spicy pepper pan. ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you get your veggies to a reasonably cooked texture (some people like their veggies cooked a little less and some more… I like mine to really cook in the juices and to be soft instead of crispy) you add your seasoning packet (or your specially made seasoning blend!) and let it simmer for awhile. Heat your tortillas, add your toppings and enjoy! We sure did!!!!


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